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Musical Sketches

So these musical sketches were made exclusively on the iPad with GarageBand on the bus rides to and from work in 2015. I mostly used the preinstalled loops. I sometimes experimented with the digital instruments. This was my #100dayproject1. Even though I only got to day 27. Hey, I made it a quarter of the way and almost to 30 days which kinda solidifies whatever you're doing or not doing into a habit, right?

"Day Three" has mad Soundtrack vibes.

"Day Five" was inspired by the Beastie Boys instrumental work. Like the album "The In Sound From Way Out"

"Day Twelve" was inspired by John Carpenter soundtracks

"Day Thirteen" is super Tycho-esque

I wanted "Day Seventeen" to sound like it could be from Oceans 11

"Day Twenty" is the longest sketch. Clocking in at 2:31... And very mellow.

Need more jazz flute in your life? Look no further than "Day Twenty-One".

1. The #100dayproject was started by Elle Luna

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